Wednesday Aug 30

The grades have been posted, and I doubt there will be any surprises.  I am giving you extra time for this weeks small chat, since there was some confusion about how it was going to be done.  I encourage you to dig in and get a rhythm going.  Remember the little chu chu train.  I […]

Tuesday Aug 29th

I am working on grades today, so be sure you have turned everything in.  I will let you know when they are posted and you can look at them.  Don’t wait until you are in trouble to talk to me.  I can help you figure out your project and get back on line.  I want […]

Information Dilima

I have been struggling to find the best way to share information with you. I have tried using slack online channel, but then it is hard to find when we do our chats. I have tried email, but email equally has problems, with all of the spam we get where did it go. I have […]

Aug. 20 & 22 — First Chat & How We’ll Do Chats This Year

Let’s get back into the swing of things and find out what’s different! Chat Assignment Details When will this chat need to be reported in the Basecamp Chats Project? In Basecamp, turn in your blog post for this Chat in the Chats project before Deadline 1.1, which is Aug. 28. (Please see instructions for you […]