Tuesday Nov 28

I am thinking about having either another help session or a donuts and demo on Dec the 16th. I am going to put up a survey on slack to see if you could come. Vote if you can come and then give a comment on what format you want. There is not much time left […]

Tues Nov 21st

It has been a good semester so far, you may not think you are making progress, but I am proud to see the changes that are happening. This is hard work and yall deserve a break, so I wish all of you a very happy thanksgiving. Before you take take off be sure to do […]

Mon Nov 13th

Well in going back over what I was doing, I made one simple mistake. When you are using sftp to transfer to github, you use the git protocol instead of the https one. In other words, there was a switch on the github page to set it to git, and I forgot to click it. […]

Thursday Nov 9th

Be sure and check out what will be Sunday and Tuesday’s chat.  We are going to be setting up an account with github using sftp so it will be secure.  With all of the security issues this is a must. http://webclasshelp.com/oct-22-9pm-oct-24-8pm-chat/