Aug. 21 & 23 — First Chat & How We’ll Do Chats This Year

Let’s get back into the swing of things and find out what’s different!

Chat Assignment Details

When will this chat need to be reported in the Basecamp Chats Project?

In Basecamp, turn in your blog post for this Chat in the Chats project before Deadline 1.1, which is Aug. 29. (New students, you may not have your blog set up yet… Please see instructions for you here: More About Chats.)

What do I need to read before the chat?

Read this…

We will have two different kinds of chats this year: Big Group Chats and Small Team Chats.

Big Group Chats. These are the same format as in the past where you’ll be assigned a topic and questions and you’ll write a blog post before or after attending your choice of Chat Meeting Time Options. These will be held according to the following schedule — set reminders on your phones:

  • August 21 & 23 — blog due on Deadline 1.1
  • Sept. 11 & 13 — blog due on Deadline 2.1
  • Oct. 2 & 4 — blog due on Deadline 3.1
  • Oct. 16 & 18 — blog due on Deadline 4.1
  • Nov. 13 & 15 — blog due on Deadline 5.1
  • Dec. 11 & 13 — blog due on Deadline 6.1
  • Jan. 22 & 24 — blog due on Deadline 7.1
  • Feb. 12 & 14 — blog due on Deadline 8.1
  • Mar. 5 & 7 — blog due on Deadline 9.1
  • Apr. 2 & 4 — blog due on Deadline 10.1
  • Apr. 23 & 25 — blog due on Deadline 11.1

Small Team Chats. These are new! Here’s how they will work…

  • I’ve created some “private groups” in Slack. Each of you will be a member in one of these groups. I’ll have access to all of the groups.
  • You’ll chat across a 2-day period at the beginning of every week, so from Sunday morning to Monday evening. Obviously, you won’t be at your computer all day for both days, but you can weigh in at times that are good for you.
  • These small Team Chats will be held every week that there is not a big group Chat Meeting scheduled. (We won’t do these over Winter Break or Spring Break.)
  • Each week during the 2-day Team Chat period, all members of the team will answer 3 questions:
    • What did you do last week (or during the time since the most recent Team Chat)?
    • What will you do this week?
    • What input do you need from your Team? For example, are there any challenges/obstacles that you’ll face this week? (Your team mates might be able to suggest solutions or resources for you.)  Did your lesson tasks direct you to get feedback from your team?
  • Each week, you will answer those questions and also respond to your team members responses to those questions. Try to encourage each other, share your triumphs and strategies, and help each other learn.
  • When you think your team mates deserve points, you can give them points in Slack by typing @studentname++
  • Part of your weekly evaluation will include how helpful you’re being in your Team Chats. Your points can improve your Team Chat grade!
  • Anytime you want to see how you’re doing with points, type this into Slack: @plusplus check @studentname
  • If you want to see who’s got the most points, type: @plusplus leaderboard

What do I need to blog about before the first chat?

No blog post this time, but be ready to share during the Chat Meeting! Here’s what we will discuss:

  1. What benefits can we expect from the new format?
  2. What suggestions do you have about implementing this?
  3. How many people should we place on each team?
  4. Which Team do you want to be on?

Need More Info about How Chats Work?