Oct. 4 & 6 Chat — What Web Designers Can Learn from Video Games

A couple of years ago at Pixlfest, one of our Advisory Board experts mentioned that video games can teach us a lot about creating engagement with our website’s visitors. For our next chat, we will look into this claim a little bit! Chat Assignment Details When will this chat need to be reported in the […]

Sept. 13 & 15 Chat Topic — Need a Job? Add Fake Projects to Your Portfolio

Both Neill Harmer and Justin Boeckman recommend that you guys design sites for real businesses for your portfolio. Even though the companies you designed for didn’t hire you to design the site, it will give you a great piece for your portfolio to show what you can do! This article gives some great advice for […]

More About Chat Meetings!

General Chat Instructions: Put your thoughts and question answers about your assigned topic in a blog post prior to the chat. If you attend the Sunday Chat, then you can still write your post any time prior to the Tuesday Chat. That way, you’re not having to write your post earlier if you decide to […]