Monday Dec 18th

We have made it to the last week before the Christmas break.  I have some missing assignments, and those need to be turned in today unless we have already made arrangements.  I commend all of you for sticking with it, you can now take a breather and enjoy the holidays, or catch up, whatever the […]

Tues Nov 21st

It has been a good semester so far, you may not think you are making progress, but I am proud to see the changes that are happening. This is hard work and yall deserve a break, so I wish all of you a very happy thanksgiving. Before you take take off be sure to do […]

Thursday Nov 9th

Be sure and check out what will be Sunday and Tuesday’s chat.  We are going to be setting up an account with github using sftp so it will be secure.  With all of the security issues this is a must.

Mon. Oct 3rd

I am pleased to announce our very own alumni Susan Simkins will be joining us on Oct. 14 at 10:00 am in the digital den for our first Donuts and Demos of the season. Susan is a Senior UX Developer at BigWing, a full-service digital marketing agency in downtown Oklahoma City. Susan has also authored […]

Fri Sept 29th

Don’t forget Sunday at 9:00 and Tuesday at 8:00 are our big group chats.  Oct 7 is Donuts and Demos so be sure to plan on attending.  It should be very good.  Have a good weekend.

Thurs Sept 28th

It appears from my perspective that it is a good thing to make the online group the one for everyone.  I have seen some good discussions with y’all helping each other out. Sunday is big group discussion and I have posted it at At least glance over this material, some of it is a little […]

Tuesday Sept. 20th

Starting next week, all chats will be on the online channel with everyone, ( no more groups ). Still do small chat with no article and no post, but on the online channel. You can chat before next week, but your grade does not depend on it. Remember, if you need help, you can email […]

Friday Sept. 8th

Don’t forget Sunday at 9:00pm and Tuesday at 8:00pm is chat in slack online group. We will be talking about A framework for creating a predictable & harmonious spacing system for faster design-dev handoff.