Tuesday Nov 28

I am thinking about having either another help session or a donuts and demo on Dec the 16th. I am going to put up a survey on slack to see if you could come. Vote if you can come and then give a comment on what format you want. There is not much time left […]

Mon Nov 13th

Well in going back over what I was doing, I made one simple mistake. When you are using sftp to transfer to github, you use the git protocol instead of the https one. In other words, there was a switch on the github page to set it to git, and I forgot to click it. […]

Team Chats

Let’s set some expectations for how we will do our small group Team Chats! You’ll have access to a small “Private Group” in Slack, along with 2 to 4 other students. Every week that we do NOT have a Big Group Chat Meeting, you will meet with your Team. You will not all need to […]