More About Chat Meetings!

General Chat Instructions:

  1. Put your thoughts and question answers about your assigned topic in a blog post prior to the chat. If you attend the Sunday Chat, then you can still write your post any time prior to the Tuesday Chat. That way, you’re not having to write your post earlier if you decide to attend the earlier chat.
    • New Students: If you started within the last few weeks, then you haven’t created the blog part of your site yet, so for a few weeks you won’t post a link to your blog in the Chat Room.
  2. Add a thought or two to your blog post after the chat about what you learned during the chat.
  3. Then in the Basecamp Chats project, enter a link to your blog.
    • New Students: You will need to paste your answers directly into the To-Do Item or upload a .doc or .pdf file with your answers. (You could also attach a link to a GoogleDoc or something else online if you want to.) You’ll need to do this for a few weeks — once you get your blog set up according to the instructions in your Lessons, then you’ll be able to paste in a link to your blog posts.


When/Where will the Chat take place?

Go to Slack at either 9PM on Sunday night or 8PM on Tuesday evening and click on the #online channel. Post a “Hi!” so that I will know that you are here.

Many students come a little early, which is great because it gives us a chance to chit-chat first and get to know each other a bit better. Once the appointed time comes, we need to turn our focus to the topic at hand since we only have 15 minutes of required chat time… Can’t wait to chat with you!

List of Big Group Chat Meeting Dates for this school year…

  • August 21 & 23 — blog due on Deadline 1.1
  • Sept. 11 & 13 — blog due on Deadline 2.1
  • Oct. 2 & 4 — blog due on Deadline 3.1
  • Oct. 16 & 18 — blog due on Deadline 4.1
  • Nov. 13 & 15 — blog due on Deadline 5.1
  • Dec. 11 & 13 — blog due on Deadline 6.1
  • Jan. 22 & 24 — blog due on Deadline 7.1
  • Feb. 12 & 14 — blog due on Deadline 8.1
  • Mar. 5 & 7 — blog due on Deadline 9.1
  • Apr. 2 & 4 — blog due on Deadline 10.1
  • Apr. 23 & 25 — blog due on Deadline 11.1

What do I need to do at the chat?

Be ready to share!

At the beginning of the chat, paste in a link to your blog about the chat topic. (If you are attending the Sunday Chat, then you can post your blog link any time prior to the Tuesday Chat.)

What do I need to do after the Chat?

After the chat, go back to your blog post for the Chat that you started prior to the chat. Write what your favorite take-away is that you learned at the chat.

Then, go to Basecamp Chats project and find the To-Do item for this chat assignment and submit a link to your Chat blog post so that I can give you credit for it.

You may want to go back in Slack to see what was said at the other chat meeting. There are always cool links and you will also be able to read the other students’ blog posts about the topic as well.


Why Chat?…

Our weekly chats are a great way to exchange information about web design & dev. Since we don’t have a typical classroom, attending the chats provides an opportunity for us to learn from each other, get to know each other, and to help us all to feel like we are a part of a class. Even though the chats are just 15 minutes of required text-based discussion, we all learn a lot when the sharing begins. Be sure to attend the chats after reading the assigned article(s) and be ready to share something meaningful with us.


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