Dec. 11 & 13 — To Bootstrap or Not to Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is BIG! And I mean that in more than one way. 🙂 Let’s find out more about Bootstrap so that we can decide when it’s a good idea to use it and when it may not be…

Chat Assignment Details

When will this chat need to be reported in the Basecamp Chats Project?

In Basecamp, turn in your blog post for this Chat in the Chats project before Deadline 6.1, which is 12/19/16. (New students, you may not have your blog set up yet… Please see instructions for you here: More About Chats.)

What do I need to read before the chat?

Read the following two articles and be ready to add to a discussion about the concepts you read about…(It’s ok if you don’t fully understand everything. Dig into the article as best you can!)

5 reasons to use Twitter Bootstrap

5 reasons NOT to use Twitter Bootstrap

What do I need to blog about for the chat?

Answer the following questions in your write-up:

  1. Why do web developers want to use Bootstrap?
  2. Why would a web developer not want to use it?
  3. What guidelines for yourself might you use in helping you decide when/how to use Bootstrap?

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