Help session / Donuts and Demos Sat Dec 16

At 9:00am we will meet in the digital den for a help session, and then at 10:00am we will have a primer on php by yours truly. I have a Zend PHP Engineer Certification, but truthfully I have forgotten things since I took the test. It is very much going to be beginner status, but I think there will be enough for everyone to learn something.

If you are a developer, I encourage you to install phpstorm, it comes in both windows and mac versions. It is not free but you can get a demo to test it out, and it will allow us to have a bash window open along with the code.  Correction: if you have your papers that you are a student, it is free for a year.  

If you are a designer, either atom or bracket will work, you just will not have the command line.

If you have time watch this video, on command line use.

Wait until Friday night or Saturday morning and download the source that we will be going over.