Nov 12 @ 9pm & Nov. 14 @ 8pm — Chat

Chat Assignment Details

When will this chat need to be reported in the Basecamp Chats Project?

In Basecamp, turn in your blog post for this Chat in the Chats project before Deadline 4.1, which is Nov. 20th. (Please see instructions for you here: More About Chats.)

With all of the security issues with wifi, and needing to learn how to do sftp, I have decided to teach how to setup a github account using sftp.  Before Sunday at 9:00 or Tuesday at 8:00 read  Don’t worry if you don’t understand it yet.  Also I want you to go to and setup your own account, at least figure out how to setup sound, it is not to hard.  Then during the lecture we will chat via slack while I am sharing my screen and setting up a github account from scratch.  This is a skill you really need to master.  Instead of posting a blog article this week, just paste in the basecamp todo either a link to your github page, or a screenshare.  If you are not able to do it, work out a time with me, and we will do it togehter.  This is a skill you need to do.