Team Chats

Let’s set some expectations for how we will do our small group Team Chats! You’ll have access to a small “Private Group” in Slack, along with 2 to 4 other students. Every week that we do NOT have a Big Group Chat Meeting, you will meet with your Team. You will not all need to […]

Feb. 21 & 23 — CSS Grid Spec

Chad Henderson demoed this cool stuff at our recent Donuts & Demos — let’s check it out! Chat Assignment Details When will this chat need to be reported in the Basecamp Chats Project? In Basecamp, turn in your blog post for this Chat in the Chats project before Deadline 9.2, which is Feb. 29. (New […]

Feb. 14 & 16 — Why Chris Coyier Uses WordPress for

You guys know how I like to use the CSS Tricks website as a resource? Well, I thought it would be interesting for you to get into Chris Coyier’s thought processes for why he uses WordPress for the site! This article that Chris wrote for Media Temple will consider the features that make WordPress a […]