Team Chats

Let’s set some expectations for how we will do our small group Team Chats!

You’ll have access to a small “Private Group” in Slack, along with 2 to 4 other students. Every week that we do NOT have a Big Group Chat Meeting, you will meet with your Team. You will not all need to show up on Slack at the same time. Instead, you will answer some questions and respond between Sunday and Tuesday.  Feel free to keep talking to each other throughout the week if you like. And if some of the team mates want to come on at a designated time and chat real-time, that’s fine! Do what works for you and your team.

The more back-and-forth that you have among your team, the better the communication will be. Try to make your some of your comments meaningful, specific, and helpful. (Don’t just say “I agree” or “I like it” all the time…)

For a while, we will simply try to answer three questions (sort of like how “Scrum” meetings are conducted in daily stand-ups at software companies). Later, we might change what we do in these small Teams, but we just need to try this out and see what works best for us!

  • Each week during the 3-day Team Chat period, all members of the team will answer questions that are assigned:
  • Each week, you will answer those questions and also respond to your team members’ responses to those questions. Try to encourage each other, share your triumphs and strategies, and help each other learn.
  • When you think your team mates deserve points, you can give them points in Slack by typing @studentname++
  • Part of your weekly evaluation will include how helpful you’re being in your Team Chats. Your points can improve your Team Chat grade!
  • Anytime you want to see how you’re doing with points, type this into Slack: @plusplus check @studentname
  • If you want to see who’s got the most points, type: @plusplus leaderboard

If you have ideas or suggestions for the Small Team Chats, let me know!


Schedule for Small Team Chats

One 1 more to go!

  1. Apr. 30 – May 2